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How to Check The Purity of Original Saffron | Real vs Fake Saffron

Best way to identify real saffron from fake

Demand and price for saffron in the market remain high all the season, in such a situation the chances of its adulteration increases, so make sure to identify it using a proper method before buying.

How to distinguish between original saffron or fake saffron?

The difference between real and fake saffron is primarily its taste and fragrance along with its color.

Know some ways to identify it

Try chewing it before buying. When it is real, it tastes a bit bitter with a sweet-smelling smell. Fake tastes sweet in the beginning.

For second identification, put it in lukewarm water, if immediately the color starts coming in the water, then it means that saffron is fake. Real saffron is not immediately left all its color in boiling water, but it gradually releases its color.

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